Oscar De La Renta Get His License Back Settles Lawsuit Aganist Loreal And YSL

In 2008, De La Renta filed a lawsuit that claimed Elizabeth Arden (Loreal) was selling his fragrance products to mass market retailers (Target) (Wal-Mart) that had only been authorised for use as promotional material. Loreal claimed they were buying the products from YSL Beaute' and that any issue should be taken up with YSL Beaute'. For the last two years Loreal, YSL and De La Renta have been battling it out but somehow Oscar De La Renta manage to get his fragrance license back from YSL Beaute' as of Friday December 18, 2009.
Now he does not have to worry about his fragrance popping up in random spots like Walgreens, CVS, and Wal-Mart lol. It was a tragedy to find his fragrance merchandised in such places lol. YSL never sold any of their fragrances to Wal-Mart etc so what made them think Oscar De La Renta would permit such madness. Tragic!


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