Jimmy Choo’s Over-The-Knee Boots For H&M Will Apparently Cost About $345

An image from Jimmy Choo's H&M line leaked on the Fashion Spot. The over-the-knee boots cost 1,799 DKK, or about $345. The line — which includes shoes, bags, and accessories for men and women and women's apparel — hits stores November 14. At that price, they should be real leather. -The Cut

Donatella Versace Will Be Relaunching Versus Ready To Wear

Versus, the young Versace line originally launched in 1989 and designed by Donatella Versace under her brother Gianni's supervision before it was discontinued in 2005, is being revived — no surprises here, considering that Donatella said in March of the line: "It was the first collection that my brother Gianni let me work on, on my own, so it's very precious to me."
She asked Christopher Kane to produce a capsule collection of crystal-studded Versus shoes and bags, which was rolled out in February, and for Spring 2010, the brand is on track for a full-fledged "dynamic presentation" of Versus ready-to-wear during Milan Fashion Week.
The line targets Young Hollywood or women between ages 20-30, its very rock n roll sexy. -Fashionologie

Chris March From Project Runway Is Suing Thierry Mugler For Not Paying Him For Work He Did On Beyoncé's Costumes


Project Runway alum Chris March is suing Thierry Mugler for allegedly not paying him for work he did on Beyoncé's costumes for her current I AM tour. That sentence was a lot to take in: Chris March, Beyoncé, Thierry Mugler, a lawsuit. And we had no idea Chris even worked on costumes for Beyoncé — and her band and her backup dancers — until the suit surfaced. Reached by phone this afternoon, Chris explained he's worked with Thierry for almost seven years on various projects, including Cirque du Soleil costumes. Beyoncé hired Mugler to create her tour costumes in November, and Chris met with Mugler about the project in late December. In January he started work.

Mugler designed the costumes but hired Chris to help him actually make them. Mugler's expertise lies primarily in design, but March's lies primarily in execution. "He isn’t used to having things made in the U.S., so he hired me to be the head of costume," March explained. "Thierry doesn’t have a theatrical background so I was hired to make sure the costumes were usable for stage purposes." For example, March had to figure out how to attach a harness to the costume Beyoncé wears when she flies through the air. He also had to make sure her costumes would keep her lovely lady lumps in place. "So many things need to be taken into consideration with her because she dances so" — he paused to find the right word — "wildly," he chuckled. "So she gets onstage and she’s like, 'I gotta move and I gotta dance.' And wow." -The Cut

Bobbi Brown Interview Founder Of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


Bobbi Brown, 52, became a professional makeup artist 28 years ago. In 1991 she launched her eponymous line of cosmetics, which is now sold in more than 900 stores worldwide, and she continues to create make-up for fashion shows, magazine shoots and celebrities. In 1995 Estée Lauder bought her company, but she continues as its chief executive. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband of 21 years, Steven Plofker, and their three sons, Dylan, 19, Dakota, 17, and Duke, 11

Mornings I go downstairs and make myself an espresso cappuccino first thing, then I read the New York Post. Then I do some sort of exercise for half an hour. I’ll go to a spinning class – there is a studio across the street – or do some weights with atrainer, or hop on my treadmill. In between those things, there is a child or two who has to be woken up. Sometimes multiple times.

Beauty Regime I like to keep my daily beauty routine very simple. I always start with aneye cream and a moisturiser that contains an SPF, followed by under-eye concealer. I use a foundation stick on any areas that are red or need extra coverage. I swipe a pinkblush across my cheeks, layer on a coat or two of mascara, and finish with a clear orneutral lip gloss. But people are always surprised when I tell them I often go out without any make-up on at all. Every woman should. 

Most Dislike About My Appearance My height. I’m 5ft. I never realised I was short until I moved to New York and became part of the fashion industry. I would like to be taller, but I deal with it. And I feel good knowing that I am the same height as Scarlett Johansson.

Uncomfortable Shoes My height has allowed me to wear some of the most fab shoes. I saw these Te Casan shoes on a television presenter here, and I ran out to buy them. They are quite uncomfortable. You think pointy shoes are bad? The squared-off toe is much worse. But they are beautiful and they became the inspiration for our Christmas collection this year, which is called Chrome. It’s silver with a little purple in it.

Career Path I did a degree in theatrical make-up in Boston and then moved to New York in 1979, where I fell in love with fashion. For the next decade I started doing the make-up for magazines and catwalk shows, but I wasn’t happy with the makeup that was out there. Most lipsticks looked like my mother’s. I hated the way they smelled and couldn’t find anything natural-looking. So I took my own hand-mixed shades to a chemist, and in 1990 Bobbi Brown Essentials, a line of 10 brown-based lip colours, was born.

My Schedule When I’m at my New York office it’s usually back-to-back meetings with different departments – product development, marketing, PR, creative. Things are a little more relaxed when I’m in the Montclair studio. It’s a very inspirational space and I doa lot of my creative thinking and development there.

In my Fridge Bottled water, mustard, Greek yogurt, ground flax, health elixirs: flax oil and omega oils. And a bottle of Chopin vodka in the freezer. I eat a really clean diet. My favourite meal would be steamed kale with quinoa and some kind of steamed fish, with a bit of avocado sauce. Very simple.

Uniform A Uniqlo navy blazer and jeans. People always say, ‘Oh Bobbi always wears black.’ No, Bobbi wears navy. I wear a uniform of simple classics. I just bought my very first Chanel jacket. It’s navy with red piping, it’s short, collarless with gold buttons. What amazed me most was the tailor who came in and sculpted the jacket to my body.

Favourite Fragrance I wear one that’s not out till the end of the year, called Bobbi’s Party. It was inspired by my Aunt Alice, who I am really close to – she is my favourite aunt. She is the wisest, most comfortable-in-her-ownshoes person that I have ever met. Thinking about her makes me happy. 


Rihanna Run The Cover Of Italian Vogue September Issue SPEECHLESS!


i-D Magazine Showcase Women Of Color On September 2009 Issue

The September 2009 Issue of i-D Magazine features supermodels of color. The ladies look fabulous, I wish Jessica White had been included. Black is definitely beautiful. from left to right: Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Arlenis Sosa 
The models were photographed by Emma Summerton, styled by Edward Enninful. i-D Magazine is the first major fashion magazine to go with women of color for their September issue this season. [Click Photo To Enlarge]

Dontella Daughter Allegra Versace Styled & Photographed Taylor Momsen Of Gossip Girl For Love Magazine

Taylor Momsen, the actress-turned-singer, interviewed and styled by fashion royalty Allegra Versace BeckThe 16-year old star did a photo shoot for the Fall 2009 issue of LOVE Magazine with an accompanying article about her rise to fame. The shots look pretty good. Momsen maintains her rocker edge while managing to look pretty and girly. Momsen will be putting out a record with her band sometime in the fall. 

Oliva Palermo Spotted In Soho NYC

Olivia Palermo spends the day out and about in SoHo
Olivia Palermo spends the day out and about in SoHo
Olivia Palermo spends the day out and about in SoHo Tuesday, August 25, 2009. Olivia stars in the hit reality television series The City . This girl is always fierce, with a side of snooty attitude. -Splash News

Photos Of Roberto Cavalli And An Unidentified Woman Kissing Spark Rumors That He & His Second Wife Of 28 Years Have Split

Rumors have been circulating that Roberto Cavalli and his business partner-second wife of 28 years, Eva Cavalli, have parted ways. Roberto Cavalli recently built himself a one bedroom home on their estate and admitted that he and Eva were living apart.  The duo may have kept their business relationship intact, most recently walking the runway for a bow together at the end of June, but today, he was snapped with an unidentified "Russian model" on a yacht in Ponza, Italy, who appears to be leaning in for a kiss. -Popsugar.com

Elle Magazine Gives A Homeless Blogger An Internship


A homeless girl and sometime blogger named Bri just secured an internship at Elle under advice columnist E. Jean. Her journey from the Wal-Mart parking lot she lives in to Jean's East Coast mountain office started five months ago, and — this being Elle — involved a reality show. In April, Bri discovered an ad for writers and fashionistas to enter an advice-columnist competition. She entered and told her story, thinking she'd never hear back. But then she got a call to audition for a reality show produced by Fremantle Media, the company behind American Idol and America's Got Talent. The winner would receive the internship at Elle. Sneaky ad, that.

Bri wrote in April that she bombed the audition, which was horribly embarrassing, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. So she decided to write Jean herself and explain what happened. Jean actually answered the letter in her column. In her reply, she offered Bri a four-month internship, and wrote, "At the end of the four months, if you don’t have a job and an awesome place to live, I will becomeyour intern." Bri just made contact with Jean and accepted the position yesterday. -The Cut

In Case You Missed It Anna Wintour On The Late Show

Wintour mystique is more powerful if she steers clear of displaying dramatic human emotions, and instead just lets her mythology remain unpenetrated. So while we enjoyed the Letterman interview, it was neither illustrative nor informative — and that's as it should be. You fill in the Vogue pages, Wintour, and leave us here to fill in your blanks.

DKNY Up For Sale


According to sources at an investment firm, Donna Karan’s DKNY brand is up for sale. LVMH bought Donna Karan International in 2001. Sources say the clothing brand is no longer the right fit for LVMH as they are trying to focus more heavily on their super high-end luxury products with a strong international brand. Donna Karan admits on her website “DKNY is the pizza to Collection’s caviar.” It’s thought that while DKNY carries a lot of weight in New York, it doesn’t have the same luxury pull internationally.

But how much is it worth? “They might be able to get a few hundred million for it, but it’s not at the top of the fashion food chain right now,” says an investment professional who was asked to review and evaluate the brand, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Some think a retailer would pick up the label. Or maybe Donna will buy it back herself? A DKNY representative had not returned a call for comment at press time. -Fashionista

Amy Tagliamonti The Head Makeup Artist For The Gossip Girl Cast Shares Beauty Secrets


Allure Magazine spoke with Gossip Girl head makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti at a Make Up For Ever event and phoned her a few days later to get the scoop on the products she uses most often on the show. Lively's said her favorite products are: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and Chanel Glossimer lip glosses. As for the Gossip Girl cast on and off the set the following below:

  • Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. "It evens the skin tone and covers redness, but it's not heavy and it doesn't cake."
  • Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow palettes in Dunes and Spices. "I use these two palettes all the time on Blake—they're both a mix of golds and warm, natural shades. They're great for the daytime looks on the show because they add a little depth without looking over the top."
  • Nars Duo Eye Shadow in Cordura. "I use these for nighttime looks on the show. Black can sometimes read as too heavy, especially on someone like Blake who has light eyes. Shimmery browns are great for a smoky look that's not too intense."
  • Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner. "It goes on so smoothly, but you can also smudge it. Out of all the gel and cream eyeliners I've tried, this one stays on the longest and doesn't flake or run, so it's great for long days on the set."
  • Lancôme L'Extrême Lengthening Mascara. "It gives the lashes amazing length without clumping or making them look spidery."
  • Cargo Blush in Catalina. "It's a cool-toned pink, but it's more of a doll-like pink than fuchsia, so I can use it on any skin tone. A soft sweep of color is great on someone with fair skin, or you can add a few more layers on olive-y skin. I've tried a lot of other blush shades, but I always end up coming back to this one."
  • Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur lip glosses. "Even the intense colors are sheer, so they allow you to wear a bright color without it looking obnoxious. Or if you want a bold look, fill in your lipswith a bright lip liner that closely matches the gloss color, then apply the gloss on top." -Allure Magazine

Betsey Johnson On Retiring & Dating

Plum TV caught up with Betesy Johnson in East Hampton, NY. At the opening of "The Art of Fashion" exhibit at Guild Hall. Betesy discussed dating, retiring and other dainty things. -Plumtv.com


Emily Gellis Interview Her Jewelry Line Tara&Miemy Is Worn By Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Rihanna, & Kanye


Joonbug.com Aliza Olin and Claire Smith met up with 23-year-old Emily Gellis, one half of the jewelry design duo Tara & Miemy, to talk about her new line and future plans for the brand.

Joonbug: Where are you originally from? 

Emily: Originally Great Neck, New York, but I’ve been living in NYC since college. 

JB: Where did you attend college and what was your major?

 E: I graduated from NYU in 2008 and majored in Communications with a specialization in Economics. 

JB: How did you to get into the fashion industry? 

E: I interned for a year at Intermix and was eventually promoted to Assistant Buyer of Ready–To-Wear Domestic Collections. It gave me a real insight to the industry and helped me develop my own eye for fashion. 

JB: What made you decide to start your own company?

  E: My friend Tara (also from Great Neck, NY) had started to design some jewelry so I’d been helping her out and it just seemed to take off from there. The name came from a trip to Miami with my family and Tara where they would tease me saying “Miami, My-emy”, like a play on words of my name. So, when we came to name our jewelry line, Tara & Miemy just stuck.

JB: Where is the line available? 

E: Right now it’s available exclusively at Blue&Cream who have a store in Manhattan and another in East Hampton. We will also be opening our own store around Broadway and 22nd called Ella, in February 2010. We’re planning to branch out into clothing as well as jewelry with a Ready-To-Wear, six-piece capsule collection. The store will be 50% our own line, with the other half featuring a mix of up-and-coming designers from around the globe that would be exclusive to Ella in New York. 

JB: We hear stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Katy Perry and Leighton Meester have all been wearing your jewelry, how did this come about?

  E: Jeff, the owner of Blue&Cream, helped us get connected with some good press. Tara and I ended up going to dinner with Rihanna and Katy Perry and we made bracelets for them on the spot. Since then, Rihanna hasn’t taken off the red evil-eye bracelet we made for her. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Kanye West sporting some of our pieces in the near future, too.

JB: What was the inspiration for the collection? 

E: The whole collection is themed around good luck emblems. It started with an elephant necklace and we developed it to include other animals and symbols that represent good luck in different cultures like the dragon, and the evil eye. The overall style of the line is very eclectic, from fine gold and diamond pieces that are delicate and feminine, to edgier and rougher statement pieces like the skull and elephant necklaces. It reflects my wardrobe, where I’m constantly balancing girly and edgy looks. 

JB: What can we expect to see from Tara & Miemy in the future? 

E: Well, the Ella store will have a unique touch as it will be open from noon to midnight, combining a restaurant venue with a boutique clothing store. We will also be having a launch party, hosted by Joonbug, on September 10th. -Joonbug.com


Karl Lagerfeld Spotted In Saint Tropez France

Karl Lagerfeld Enjoys Time IWth His Followers!
Karl Lagerfeld Enjoys Time IWth His Followers!
Karl Lagerfeld Enjoys Time IWth His Followers!
Karl Lagerfeld is currently on holiday in Saint Tropez, France with his male companions. Karl grabbed a bite with his male pals and continued on to do some shopping on August 20, 2009. I'm so pleased he was not wearing black.
-Splash News

Bomb Scare Drives Jean-Paul Gaultier Onto Seafront In Bathrobe


Fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, clad only in a white dressing gown, was among 158 staff and guests forced to evacuate a luxury French hotel on Tuesday following a bomb threat.

The couturier appeared cheerful as he joined holiday-makers milling around on the seafront Promenade des Anglais in front of Nice'sprestigious Hotel Negresco shortly after sunrise.

According to firefighters a woman called police at around 6:00 am to warn that a bomb had been placed in the Negresco.

"It was supposed to go off at seven o'clock, and it hasn't, so we suppose it was a false alarm," one officer said, as police sealed off the boulevard.  -Yahoo News

Marc Jacobs To Marry This Weekend With Only Guest Of Two

Marc Jacobs's wedding is supposedly happening this weekend — and despite the fact that the ceremony will only be attended by him and Lorenzo Martone, an after-party is in the works. Marc is also bringing back his Fashion Week after-party for Spring 2010 after cancelling it last season, with Lady Gaga as the guest of honor; as for his fashion show's guest list, which he cut from 2,000 to 900 last season, he told The Cut: "We’re definitely not going to be doing our huge show. But I don’t know if it’s going to be the same as last time, or smaller. -Ny Post

Jean Paul Gaultier Said To Be Resigning From Hermes


Change is brewing at Hermès, and it's starting with Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer is said to be resigning from the company; his last collection for the house is due to bow in Paris this October. In addition to producing his eponymous collections of ready-to-wear and haute couture, Gaultier has spent the last six years as Hermès' creative director following Martin Margiela's resignation in early 2003. An Hermès spokesperson did not return requests for comment.

Gaultier's accomplished tenure at Hermès has been governed by critical runway acclaim and tremendous profitability, cementing the brand's enviable status as one of the most recession-proof luxury houses. In July, the company released exceptionally positive earnings reports, announcing a 12% increase in second-quarter sales ($607.4 million at current exchange) in the 3 months ending June 30. Leather goods were up 33.4%; ready-to-wear and fashion increased by 12.7%.

Hermès' courtship of Gaultier began in June 1999, when the brand invested $23 million into the designer's eponymous collection for a 35% stake. "I believe," said Hermès' then-CEO Jean-Louis Dumas at the time, "that Gaultier has the capacity to be what Hermès has become." - The Fashion Daily

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