MTV May Cancel The City

Rumor has it that MTV has canceled the reality series "The City". The current season, which airs on Tuesdays at 10.30pm EST, will be its last. I looked up their neilsen rating scores and the show averages about 1.6 million viewers. Which is not bad, so we'll have to wait and see. I hope this is just a rumor because that would mean, not being able to see Olivia (the only reason I watch).

Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair Interview


On what Brad has been up to in Venice:

“He sculpts and designs. He makes furniture, sculpts things related to houses. Traditional male.”

On Brad with the kids:

“I keep telling Brad he owes me. He’s had a few months off in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the children. And he’s such an artist and goes to the stone yards and the art exhibits, and loves being in such a cultural place.”

On a potential Mr. & Mrs. Smith sequel:

“People have tried. And it’s strange: do we have kids in the movie? We’ve thought about that, but it becomes personal now that we actually have kids. And if we work on it, we pull from our own life, which is funny to us, but you feel strange sharing too much. We did ask somebody to look into Mr. & Mrs. to see if they could crack a sequel, but there wasn’t anything original. It was just, Well, they’re going to get married, or they’ve got kids, or they get separated. Never great.”

On co-starring again with Brad:

“I’d love to. We’ve talked about it. We’d have to figure out who’s going to watch the kids, but it’s really about finding the right thing, because we’ve looked. When you’re a couple, there are certain things people don’t want to see you do. It becomes too indulgent, too personal. I don’t think people want to see people who are really together intimate on-screen. Maybe we have to play bad guys that try to kill each other, so it’s just fun and aggressive, not dealing with some man-woman deal.”

The August issue of Vanity Fair will be available on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Wednesday, June 30, and nationally and on the iPad on Tuesday, July 6. Read more.

Gucci And YSL Gets New Presidents

The Gucci Group, parent company to both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, has shuffled its top executives. Laura Lendrum has been named president of Gucci America, effective August 1. Currently, Lendrum serves as president of YSL.

 Brant Cryder, most recently vice president of retail at Prada will become the president at YSL. Cryder will report to YSL president and CEO Valerie Hermann. 

Former Gucci America president Daniella Vitale departed from the company at the end of May to “pursue other interests.”

Forever 21 To Open A Four Story 90,000 Sq Ft Store In Time Square This Friday


Forever 21 Inc. is set to open a massive new store in New York's Times Square on Friday, the latest and most aggressive step in the low-priced fashion retailer's plan to expand from a clothing boutique into a department store.
The Times Square store will be the brand's biggest location, taking over the space of a former Virgin Megastore. The store spans four floors and the equivalent of 1.5 football fields. The modestly sized street-level entrance gives way to three sprawling subterranean floors, with 151 dressing rooms and 32 cash registers.

Roberto Cavalli Celebrates 40th Anniversary With A New Logo and A Gala Show In Singapore

Roberto Cavalli celebrated 40 years of fashion with a red carpet collection fashion show finale at Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival. With Korean supermodel Song Kyunga, Cavalli presented a series of signature looks from his archives and received the award for Audi Fashion Festival Singapre 2010 Visionary from his friend Colin McDowell. Roberto Cavalli also revamped the company's logo for the special occasion.

Rachel Zoe Speaks On Split With Taylor Apparently Were Not The Only Who Doesn't Care Neither Does She

WWD recently asked Rachel Zoe whether the split with her and former employee Taylor was real: "That was so real that I cannot even tell you how real that actually was. It was like, I hired Brad, this little angel, and then Taylor just went in for the kill." 

When asked if she was still in touch with Jacobson, Zoe replied: "The answer to that would be: I would love to tell you but I would have to kill you. You'll see it on season three [of The Rachel Zoe Project, premiering Aug. 3 on Bravo]."

 When Taylor consulting job with denim line Kasil was mentioned, Zoe said, "Ugh. Oh yeah. I've never heard of. I don't care what she does." Go Rachel!

Balenciaga Exhibition Coming To Queen Sofia Spanish Institute In New York November 2010

The exhibition will look at how Balenciaga's spainish roots impacted history and art of the 20th century. The exhibition will showcase sixty items designed by Cristóbal Balenciaga , including a masterpiece such as his 1939 “Infanta” gown.

The exhibition will show from November 19, 2010 until February 19, 2011, was conceived by the American designer, Oscar de la Renta, who is Chairman of the Institute’s Board of Directors, and who began his career in fashion, working in Madrid at Eisa, one of the Spanish branches of Balenciaga’s fashion empire. For more info or to view the costumes 
that will be at the exhibition click here.

Stella McCartney Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child


STELLA MCCARTNEY revealed yesterday she is expecting her fourth child with husband, the British publisher Alasdhair Willis. The 38-year-old designer is due to give birth later this year.
The couple already have two sons, five-year-old Miller, two-year-old Beckett and a daughter, three-year-old Bailey.

Is Givenchy Starting A New Trend? Givenchy Will Not Present A Fashion Show For Fall 2010 Find Out What The Fashion House Is Doing Instead


Givenchy announced that it will not present a full  runway show for the Fall 2010 season. Instead of runway, Givenchy will show their collection in private appointments with clients and editors. “I want to make couture even more special than it is, and not just another catwalk show,” Tisci said in an interview, “People can really experience the couture moment: see it, touch it.”  According to Tisci, most of his couture clients, often including royals and various other high-profile customers, don't attend the shows anyway "for reasons of privacy and security." 

I think it's a fabulous idea personally, fashion shows aren't fun as they used to be (editors and clients don't get any one - on - one attention).

Rachel Zoe Clothing Collection Due In Stores Fall 2011 Home Decor To Come

Rachel Zoe has inked a deal to create her lifestyle brand, The Rachel Zoe Collection. Rachel will produce accessories, shoes, and apparel for Fall 2011. Homewares will debut  later on. Goods will be sold in selected department stores, boutiques, and e-commerce. So happy for Rachel she totally deserves it all.

Bankrupt Italian Fashion House GianFranco Ferré Up For Sale


The auction for bankrupt Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferré  happened Wednesday with a invite for potential buyers to express their interest. Ferré is the first major label felled by the economic crisis to come out the other end of restructuring.
Ferré, which has been in bankruptcy administration since February 2009, will publish a notice in newspapers Wednesday that potential bidders can conduct due diligence on the company, said Andrea Ciccoli, one of three administrators working on the restructuring. Original article.

Photos Of Mulberry's Factory See How Their Alexa Handbag Is Created


Kelly Bensimon Debuted Her Jewelry Collection At Blue & Cream

Last Saturday Blue & Cream hosted Kelly Bensimon's new Feather jewelry line. Kelly was joined by her daughters and Thad, Bensimon unveiled her exclusive charity earrings, featuring Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers, with 100% of the proceeds benefit Feeding America. Guests including The City’s Roxy OlinKelly Klein, super models Chanel Iman, and Eniko MikhalikAndrew SaffirDaniel Benedict. 

I couldn't find any pictures of Kelly's New Feather Collection but to shop and view Kelly's current Navajo Collection click here. Watch the video below of Kelly explaining inspiration for her jewelry collections.

Net-a-Porter To Launch A Menswear Website Called Mr Porter In Spring 2011

Net-a-porter  has announced the launch of a all menswear site, the first global shopping site of its kind. The site is to be called Mr Porter will launch spring/summer 2011. 
The more than 60 top menswear brands to be featured on Mr Porter include: BurberryRalph LaurenLanvinYSLGucci, Margiela, Balmain, Dunhill, Margaret Howell, Rick Owens, John Lobb and MR by the designer, Roland Mouret.

Alexander Wang Buys A $2 Million One Bedroom PenHouse In Tribeca

The one-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment at landmarked 39 Worth Street features all the faux-former factory aspects of the pseudo-industrial rusticity Tribeca buyers go gaga for: exposed brick, original tin ceilings, even mullioned windows. The floor plan includes a "huge" open dining/living room; a handsome-size office; and a "sun-splashed" master bedroom with a chef's kitchen featuring—what else?—industrial stainless steel and hardwood with a double-wall oven and Gaggenau cooktop. The building also features a luscious roof deck and "abundant" storage.
Of course, this is not the first major real estate transaction Wang's undertaken. During Wang's sophomore year at Parsons, he bought a one-bedroom loft in the East Village for $675,000, which he sold last fall for $750,000.

Paul & Joe Founder Sophie Albou Interview With WWD


Why did you open your flagship in Los Angeles, versus New York?
Paul & Joe is a sparkling and sunny brand, and so it is fantastic for L.A.. The city is so magical because it's always busy. Tourists come from all over, and some are very big spenders. And my brother, who is my partner in the company, lives in Los Angeles. It just felt comfortable.  
And what about New York?
My goal is to open a boutique in New York within a year.
Your parents worked in the fashion industry—your father as an executive, and your mother as a designer. Did your upbringing shape the way you do business now? 
Yes, I learned a great deal. I was working in the fashion industry myself in the late '80s. You must learn first from a good boss. Of course, you have to have a bit of talent!
What are your cardinal rules of running a good business?
Be able to do more than just 
one thing well. You have to be curious and commit so much of yourself to the process of selling and designing. There is a lot of competition, so you have to be better than the others. You must be fair and nice at all times. There are so many different ways to make it work, but the most important thing is to be real and sincere to the people around you. You have to remind them that they are doing well and give them confidence. You can’t calculate too much. When I started, I never thought about how much money I would make.
Your label is 15 years old now. How has it evolved?Yes, 15! At the very beginning of Paul & Joe, I wanted to make only men’s clothes that were fanciful, happy, and colorful. But many of my customers were asking me to do something for the ladies. I was hesitant, because I know women's wear is so tough. I didn’t want to do it at first, but now, the women's business is so much bigger than men’s. Season after season, I started to do coats and knitwear and other areas. And years later, I was approached to do beauty. After 15 years we have childrenswear, Paul & Joe Sister, which is the more affordable line, jewelry, accessories, and so on.
What’s next?I really want to develop home. I am interested in linen, china and décor. People are now willing to make their homes as good-looking as they are. I designed a hotel suite in Paris, and we made special wallpaper, frames, linen and blankets. It was so joyous. The day we are bored, we must stop or change jobs.
In 2006, you collaborated with Target. How did that affect your business?
It affected the brand very positively, because it makes the line so much more affordable. At one point, these collaborations were considered as cheaper alternatives to the brand. But now, it's becoming almost snobbish to shop at Target!  It’s genius for the brands and for the store. If I had to do it again, I would do it with no doubt in my mind. It was in all the magazines, we received very positive reviews, and everyone is still talking about it. It allowed Paul & Joe to enter the homes of areas in the U.S. where otherwise they never would have heard of Paul & Joe.
How badly were you hit during the recession?We were very, very aware of the times, and we were so careful. And I think we actually did pretty well. We have such a big market, thank goodness. Our main focus is France and Asia, which have not been so bad.
How important is celebrity dressingThey are our number-one ambassadors. They are so important to sales. This is all very recent. You have a celebrity wearing anything at all, and if it’s credited, you have waiting lists. That’s the way it works! We’ve always had a lot of American celebrities in Paris and London buying the brand, and now it will be much easier for them.
Why are you so inspired by nature?I love, love the animals, plants and flowers. Sometimes, the color of a fish will catch my eye. Now, I am not going to tell you I am a fully organic woman. I am not a vegetarian.
Your label is named after your children. Will they join the family business?My eldest son is 18 and he loves fashion—the blogs, the people, the popular culture. He is a shopaholic. He sent me a list of places to visit in L.A.. He is going to university, so he will have years of learning experience, and after that, why not? My younger son doesn’t care as much. He cares about his friends and the girls. But my eldest son loves coming to the showroom and trying the samples of the new men’s collection. He gives me advice. I like to have him come in with his friends because they are the next generation of customers. 
The original article. Shop Paul & Joe. Watch Paul & Joe 2010 summer collection.

Marc Jacob Ex Jason Preston To Write A Tell All Exposing

Word on the twitter street is that Jason Preston will be writing a tell-all about the high society crowd he ran with during his tumultuous relationship with Marc Jacobs. The reports remain unsubstantiated, but according to Preston's twitter feed, he’s had it with those fair-weather friends, which might include  A list celebrities and models.

Chloe Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Resort/Pre-Spring 2011 LookBook

chloe-sevigny-opening-ceremony-pre-spring-11-01-thumb-333xauto-30776 chloe-sevigny-opening-ceremony-pre-spring-11-02-thumb-333xauto-30777 chloe-sevigny-opening-ceremony-pre-spring-11-03-thumb-333xauto-30778 chloe-sevigny-opening-ceremony-pre-spring-11-06-thumb-333xauto-30781 00010m 00050m 00090m 00110m 00060m chloe-sevigny-opening-ceremony-pre-spring-11-04-thumb-333xauto-30779
For Chloe Sevigny third collection at Opening Ceremony, Chloe created five dresses in five patterns. Chloe refers to the collection as "selfish" because it reflects her own desires, more so than the mass market (if this is selfish then we don't want giving). Sevigny explained her picks as simply the favorites she herself always seems to want to wear, including empire-waist babydoll silhouettes and Peter Pan collars and puff sleeves. The collection is due to hit stores in December 2010. Shop Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony and view more of the collection here.

Herve Leger And Avon Strikes Deal To Create Cosmetics


Herve Leger Femme and Herve Leger Homme will debut in autumn 2010, created in cooperation between Avon Products and Herve Leger.

Edition for women Herve Leger Femme is announced as a woody-floral fragrance combined of Chinese magnolia, Sicilian pink grapefruit, orange blossom from Morocco, honeywood, hot benzoin tears, cypress and vanilla. The fragrance is available in amount of 50ml edp.

Fragrance for men Herve Leger Homme is presented as a woody-spicy blend created of such notes as Indian ginger, Japanese yuzu, woody notes and amber in a base. You will be able to purchase it as 75 ml EDT.

Emilio Pucci Talks To The WSJ The Fashion House Is Not All Psychedelic Patterns Anymore Their New Fashions You May Not Even Recognize


Mr. Dundas joined Pucci just over a year ago, and his third collection is about to be shipped to stores for fall. In that relatively short time, he has already captured a new, younger audience for the brand. At its core, the image is decadent, chic party animal (of the heiress sort).

"Since Peter has come on board, he's taken it beyond 'I'm-going-to-wear-it-on-vacation,' " says Petra Flannery, a Hollywood stylist who dressed actress Zoe Saldana for the Los Angeles premier of "Star Trek" last year in a Pucci dress with a snake slithering around the torso and mesh cut-outs. She put starlet Hayden Panettiere in form-fitting Pucci for a number of public appearances, including the World Music Awards in Monaco last month.
Before Mr. Dundas's arrival at the brand, red-carpet appearances were rare. Ms. Flannery says she used Pucci only in shoots for swimwear and beachy editorial spreads.
"We were doing the same look every season," Didier Drouet, Pucci's chief executive, conceded after the brand's fall 2010 runway show in Milan.
Pucci's new emphasis spurred Saks Fifth Avenue to create a space for it on its venerable third floor in New York for this fall. Saks will feature Pucci's new cocktail and evening gowns. Saks will also devote its Fifth Avenue windows to Pucci between Sept. 2 and Sept. 9.
Before now, Saks sold Pucci clothes only at stores in places like Boca Raton and Naples, in Florida, and Phoenix. "We thought it was more of a resort, warm-weather collection," says Joseph Boitano, Saks' women's general merchandising manager. Now, Mr. Boitano says, Mr. Dundas "really is attracting a very young customer."

The emergence of solids is a nod to the fact that there are only so many Pucci patterns that a woman's closet can hold.
But there is a risk here of losing the iconic look of the brand. It can be difficult these days to recognize a Pucci when you see it. When Carrie appeared in a swirling, gray Pucci gown in the recently released "Sex and the City 2," I wouldn't have known it was Pucci without the movie notes. Clothes that look generic may not work to build the brand's image.
Still, the Pucci family itself is loving the new look. "I hate the stereotypes of Pucci, the psychedelic pop," says Laudomia Pucci, the daughter of Emilio Pucci, who founded the brand. "Peter has shaken that up."
It's a ticklish task to dial down the target age of a luxury brand without losing its older, wealthiest customers. Mr. Boitano says Pucci is managing that by continuing to create plenty of prints and simpler dresses. On Mr. Dundas's runway, the prints are often still there—though they're sometimes dyed an unexpected color like deep burgundy, and the clothes can be so revealing that they border on lewd.
These days, the role of a designer at a brand goes way beyond making clothes. Mr. Dundas's arrival at Pucci is re-setting the image of the house, which is owned by the Pucci family and luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
The original designer, Mr. Pucci, was a Florentine aristocrat who began by making bathing suits and reached his calling as a designer in his 40s. His wildly colored, geometric designs and simple silhouettes drew attention in the 1950s and 1960s. Marilyn Monroe was buried in Pucci.
After Mr. Pucci's death in 1992, Pucci clothes were created by a succession of designers known for their use of color and patterns, including Christian Lacroix and Matthew Williamson.
Now, Pucci is following the playbook of other European luxury brands, from Louis Vuitton to Ferragamo, that have branched into every possible product line. Mr. Drouet is busy building licensing relationships: Expect to see more Pucci handbags, shoes, fragrances, ties and sunglasses. Original article.

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