Anna Wintour BFF Desiree Rogers White House Social Secretary Fired


White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers was fired today. She will depart next month, after presiding over 330 events in the White House in 14 months.

Desiree was accused by many in Washington of out shining the first lady, Michelle Obama. She also came under fire in December of 2009 for the party crashers breaching White House security. It has been said that Desiree Rogers and the first lady relationship had deteriorated.

Desiree was responsible for getting Anna Wintour on the White House's Committee Of Arts and Humanities. Maybe Wintour will hire her now that she is soon to be unemployed.

Versace Ex PR Rep Is Now PR Director For Maz Mara Interview Magazine Managing Editor Alexander Mack Quits

Alexandra Mack, formerly managing editor at Interview Magazine, has left the company.

Celia Nichols, formerly public relations director at Versace, has been named senior director of public relations at Max Mara.

Fendi Runway Show Milan Fashion Week February 25, 2010


Versace Runway Show Milan Fashion Week February 26, 2010


Moschino Cheap Chic Runway Show Milan Fashion Week February 26, 2010


Roberto Cavalli Runway Show Milan Fashion Week February 25, 2010


McQueen Funeral Today RIP

Alexander McQueen was laid to rest in London today. A private funeral service with close friends and family only according to a the family rep Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Steven Klein, Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, and Stella McCartney were among the 100 mourners.
The congregation spent around an hour inside St. Paul's Church in Knightsbridge, west London, before the coffin, laden with pink, white and red roses, was carried out by four pallbearers and loaded into a waiting hearse with "Lee" in white flowers on the back. The hearse drove off, followed by two black stretch Jaguars carrying McQueen's family.

Chanel To Finally Sell Goods Online Hires R/GA To Develop Ecommerce


Chanel has recruited R/GA New York to develop an online shopping website for the brand. Initially, Chanel would only offer its fragrances online but is looking to extend. In the past, luxury fashion brands have shied away from selling goods via the web, but this recession has forced some off the high horse lol (money talks).

Many labels have suffered a sharp decline in sales as a result of the downturn. This has prompted them to refocus their digital marketing strategies to grow sales and gain a foothold in emerging markets. Chanel rep wouldn't confirm or deny the news (silence normally means yes).

Missoni And Converse Zig Zaggy Sneakers To Debut In April Exclusive To NYC And LA Boutiques Only

Missoni has paired with Converse to create the "Premium Chuck Hi Missoni," a mash-up of the classic Chuck Taylor high tops and Missoni's well-loved zig-zag print. The kicks will be available starting April, the sneakers cost $200.00 a pair. I have prepaid so mine will be shipped to me. This Sneaker will only be in selected boutiques Beverly Hills and Manhattan. For more info

Diane Von Furstenberg Interviewed Alexander Wang For Interview Mag She Talk About The Time He Rejected Her


VON FURSTENBERG: I called you. I saw somebody wearing this amazing outdoor sweater with a manifesto on it. I asked the woman wearing it-she was an editor at Vogue-who had made it, and she said, "Alex Wang." That's when I asked you if you'd be willing to design some sweaters for me.

WANG: [laughs] Yes, I remember our first meeting.

VON FURSTENBERG: And then you rejected me.

WANG: I never got a chance to really explain what happened. It was the season that I actually started the line and that sweater you saw was the first prototype we ever made-it's the reverse intarsia with the girl's face on the back. At that point, our production was just getting set up-we weren't even sure where we were going to produce yet. I had just left school, too. So I knew that if I took on other projects. . . .

WANG: The next time we met was probably through the CFDA.

VON FURSTENBERG: I visited your showroom.

WANG: [pauses] Yes. And I was hoping you wouldn't remember what happened.

VON FURSTENBERG: I think it makes the story better! I walked in and it was a complete revelation. The showroom was completely clean and clear. The clothes were simple. There wasn't very much, but every piece was strong-it had a point of view, a reason to be. There was a feeling of walking into a showroom that had such clarity and strength. I was impressed with that. Of course, everyone knows you as this cool guy who the girls like to hang out with [Wang laughs], but what is so impressive is how mature you actually are even though you like to party. How clear, how hardworking, how intelligent, and how very human. . . . And then after you won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award, I became your mentor. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow. Tell me what changed in your life after you won that award.

VON FURSTENBERG: What has been the biggest difficulty so far?

WANG: I think predicting what's going to come next. But, in part, that's what I love about fashion. Anything can happen. The next day, everything can change, so it really keeps you on your toes. You always need to be paying attention.

VON FURSTENBERG: Where do you find inspiration for a collection?

WANG: It can be anything. I'm not like most designers, who have to set sail on an exotic getaway to get inspired. Most of the time, it's on my walk to work, or sitting in the subway and seeing something random or out of context.

VON FURSTENBERG: What is your biggest fear?

WANG: I think everyone shares a fear of failure-that you're only as good as your most recent collection. That's definitely a fear, but it's a fear that fuels me, that makes me want to work harder, that makes me take on more challenges. For people to say, "You can't do this or that," or, "You can't work with this person because they are on a different level than you," it makes me want to push myself even harder to try.

VON FURSTENBERG: Who are the three people you admire the most?

WANG: Number one is my mother. She's definitely been the one person in my life who pushed and supported me-

VON FURSTENBERG: I love her, I love her.

To read the original article click here

Anna Wintour To Be Inducted Into Editors Hall Of Fame

American Vogue’s long-time Editor in Chief Anna Wintour can add another achievement to that list. The American Society of Magazine Editors are set to elect her into their Magazine’s Editors’ Hall of Fame at the National Magazine Awards Annual Gala on April 22, 2010.

Burberry Runway Show London Fashion Week February 23, 2010


Dolce&Gabbana Runway London Fashion Week February 25, 2010


J.Crew Will Be Sold On Net-a-Porter Websites Overseas Only

WWD is reporting that in May 2009, J.Crew is going global but not ny opening stores or shipping abroad via No, the company's decided to branch out to the rest of the world via Net-a-Porter.

Gucci Buys 51% Of Alexander Mcqueen Will Maintain The Image Of The Fashion House Some Speculate The Brand Will Not Stand Without McQueen

The fashion brand created by Alexander McQueen is to survive despite the designer's suicide last week, the label's majority stakeholder Gucci Group has confirmed. "I believe strongly in the Alexander McQueen brand and its future," Gucci Group CEO Robert Polet said in a statement carried on the Web site of Gucci parent PPR.

Industry experts are speculating the fashion house will be unsuccessful without its figurehead.

Michael Kors Has A New President And Senoir Vice President His Public Relation Rep Quits

Michael Kors announced two significant executive appointments today. Anne Waterman has been named senior vice president, global image, and Jill Fishman has been named senior vice president of global marketing and licensing. Both will report to Michael Kors and the brand's CEO John Idol. Billy Daley, wh served as VP of public relation since Janruary 2006 , has left the company. His position will not be replaced. Katie Berkery, who will momentarily take a maternity leave, is expected to remain on board as director of public relations.

September Issue Is Out On DVD Today

The DVD of The September Issue, which contains 90 minutes of never-before-seen footage, is essentially an entire second movie. More Anna, more Grace, maybe even more André Leon Talley playing tennis. Is out on DVD today you can order now on Amazon and iTunes.

Designer To Watch "Kit Willow"

The creative draping techniques inKit Willow's stunning runway show on Manhattan's West Side.Willow's use of shoulder pads accessorized fit and form creating a clean and polished look in each of the models.

Jimmy Choo's Tamara Melon Shows Off Her New L Shape Closet To The WSJ

Jimmy Choo's Tamara Mellon, below, likes pairing her fringed bag with yellow shoes, below, for a hard-edged, bohemian look.choo
Her new closet, an L-shaped space about 15 by 23 feet at its widest, uses angled shelves that provide more visibility to her hundreds of shoes, which sit two pairs deep. (Roughly half of Ms. Mellon's shoes are stored elsewhere.) The blond wood shelves and hanging bars allow nearly everything to be seen, an arrangement she finds more efficient. "My big issue in life is time. I never have enough," said Ms. Mellon, 42. The back of the closet is reserved for jeans and a few pairs of sneakers, below.

Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace

I'm in love with my Stella McCartney's "Stella" solid perfume necklace, a limited-edition accessory. I got it in a gift bag during fashion week. "Stella" is a heady, seductive fragrance with rose, peony, and mandarin notes. I browse the web to verify where it could be purchased, and Sephora was the only merchant who had it in stock. xo RG

Mulberry Runway Show New York Fashion Week February 17, 2010


Marc Jacobs Runway Show New York Fashion Week February 16, 2010


Rodarte Runway Show New York Fashion Week February 16, 2010 Part 1


Rodarte Runway Show New York Fashion Week February 16, 2010 Part 2


Patricia Field At Diane Von Furstenberg Runway Show Was She Shun By Diane

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field has been running around in a giant witch hat. At Diane Von Furstenberg show, the hat and her giant red hair made her impossible to miss on the front row. When DVF went down the runway to take her bow, pick up a bouquet, and greet her grandkids, as she always does, Field stood up when she passed by and clinked an empty plastic cup against her flowers. DVF, caught off guard, glanced at her and kept walking.

Diane Von Furstenberg Runway New York Fashion Week February 14, 2010


Herve Leger Runway Show New York Fashion Weeks February 14, 2010


Giorgio Armani To Host Leonardo DiCaprio And Scorsese "Shutter Island" Premiere Party During Fashion Week

To celebrate the New York premiere of Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese’s new film, Armani is hosting a cocktail party at the Armani hotel in NYC. Coincidently, the premiere ties in with the first anniversary of Armani’s opening of his Fifth Avenue store in the Big Apple. Armani said he is happy to share the celebrations with close friends Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the lead in the all-new film.”The party will take place Tuesday February 16, during New York Fashion Week.

Calvin Klein Says Kate Moss Is A Difficult Person To Work With

Calvin Klein, recalling the time he cast Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg in a series of advertisements in the Eighties, says she was, “a great model,” but “difficult” person to work with. “It didn’t go too well. I have worked with so many women, great ones, and Kate was always difficult.”
Thats sad to hear maybe it was the cocaine. I'm just saying lol.

A Photo Of McQueen Alleged Boyfriend Rumor Has It McQueen Was Involve In a Bad Romance He Also Changed His Will


Days before legendary designer Alexander McQueen killed himself, he was nursing wounds from a nasty breakup with a lover whose name he had tattooed on his arm. The fashion icon was also reeling from his mother's death. McQueen told the Australian edition of Harper's Bazaar that the man, whose name he didn't disclose, had jilted him. The cad was "a bastard who went back to Australia and I was left looking at his name," McQueen said in the unpublished interview,

pointing to the letters on his

right arm, accordingto the

Sydney Daily Telegraph.

McQueen was unofficially married to partner George Forsyth in 2000, but the relationship ended a year later. Police yesterday said that they found "multiple notes" with his body that tried to explain his actions to friends, according to the London Sun. It was also revealed that he changed his will last year. The picture to the right is McQueen alleged boyfriend, standing outside of McQueen's london home on Thursday, after hearing of his death. I don't suspect he will be allowed at McQueen's funeral, sources say the family is not happy with him.

Communication Director For Alexander McQueen Demands All Clothing Samples Be Immediately Returned


An urgent message from Alexander McQueen’s director of communications was sent out this morning, requesting that all samples from the late designer be sent back to the headquarters. The email read:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you will understand that in regards to the recent demise of Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen, our immediate priority is to secure all items and garments from current and past collections. We are therefore stopping all trafficking of samples.

I therefore ask you to please send back to us all items that are currently in your offices. Should some items or garments be out on shootings on outside locations, I ask you to pay the most strict attention in terms of securing these items, and to please send them back asap. It is our responsibility to keep Lee’s legacy safe and protected.

BCBG Max Azria Runway New York Fashion Week February 12, 2010


USA Television Network To Award Narciso Rodriguez For His Impact In American Culture

USA Network has announced the outstanding nominees for the 2nd Annual Character Approved Awards and fashion fixture Narciso Rodriguez is among the VIPS. Character Approved Awards is a campaign that pays tribute to individuals who have made a lasting impact in American culture.
The award show will air Thursday, February 25 on the USA network. Later that evening, celebs will take a break from their regular scheduled programming to join Vanity Fair and USA network for a cocktail gala at the IAC Building where invitation-only guests will enjoy live music by Green Day.

Versace Ex PR Rep Who Was Laid Off Is Now Vice President Of PR For Kenneth Cole

Lisa Hellman, formerly Versace’s public relations and communications in the U.S. has been named vice president of global public relations at Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc, effective March 8, 2010. Hellman had previously been with Versace for four years until the company closed its public relations department last month. In addition to overseeing corporate, brand, and fashion publicity for all product categories domestically and abroad, as well as special events, she will work directly with Cole on numerous fashion, social, and philanthropic initiatives.

Missioni Open Flagship Store In Beverly Hills First Boutique In California


Missoni store

Today, Missoni will open it's new flagship boutique in Beverly Hills California. The white storefront is accented with woven slats on Rodeo Drive and enter a modern galleria with skylight featuring kiosk-like displays on each side. On the left, you see scarves, sunglasses, men's ties and jewelry. On the right, women's and men's fashions tempt from the sidelines.

Karl Lagerfeld Sues Woman For Bootlegging His Weight Loss Pills

A company co-owned by Karl Lagerfeld, filed fraud charges against Hsiung Hsiu-hui (known locally by her stage name, Hsiung Hai-ling), 52, and her sister Hsiung Hsiu-chen.
Prosecutors charged them for endorsing a counterfeit product despite the fact that they had sold the rights to Lagerfeld's company Sunrex Sarl. The company co-owned by Lagerfeld and French physician, Jean Claude Houdret, for the popular slimming product, Spoon Light.
Bootlegging his fashions and diet pills, geez.

Valentino President Calls Designers In Charge At Valentino Collection A Circus

Honorary president of the Valentino Fashion House Giancarlo Giammetti got a little too Facebook-happy earlier this week slamming last month's couture show designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, WWD reports. Giammetti typed that he was "just speechless" after seeing the line and that he was "not sad...just surprised....We have always supported the new designers and we love them, but this time we have to distance ourselves from this ridiculous circus."
Giammetti later deleted his comments due to an overwhelming response on Facebook. I have a feeling when these designer contract expire, they'll be in the bread line.

Diane Von Furstenberg Creative Director Nathan Jenden Resigns

Valentine's Day, will be Nathan Jenden last day as creative director of Diane von Furstenberg before shipping off to focus exclusively on his own collection, launched in 2006. Jenden has been with Diane von Furstenberg since 2001; she invested in his eponymous line when it launched and will continue to do so after Jenden leaves her company. Diane von Furstenberg has hired Yvan Mispelaere, who was a member of Phoebe Philo's design team at Chloe.

Tom Ford PR Manager Andrew Fry Fired After Only Two Months

After only two months as PR director at Tom Ford, Andrew Fry has left the company. Andrew was PR manager of Burberry prior to December 2009. Fry's position at Tom Ford was eliminated due to departmental restructuring. He will not be replaced. There is more to this story (sideeye).

Rodarte Designs Customes For The 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics

The New York Times Magazine recently turned to Rodarte to wardrobe several U.S. athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which will begin Feb. 12.
The Ryan McGinley portfolio, due out in the magazine this Sunday, features 13 Olympians training in custom-made Rodarte knit garments, including figure skater Johnny Weir in mid-axel sporting a full crochet knit jumpsuit.
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