Rachel Zoe Ex Assistant Taylor Jacobson Blacklist Or Just Cant Find A Job Because Of Her Attitude

Fashion Week Daily writes that Rachel Zoe began masterminding a blacklist against her former assistant, after she resigned, claimed a well "placed source" (yeah sure).

Rachel basically wasn’t happy about Taylor leaving on her own terms and felt like she should have fired Taylor herself. There were a lot of emails and calls that were placed to big fashion houses with the intent of keeping Taylor away.

I personally believe that Rachel Zoe should have fired Taylor long before she resign. Taylor was like a cancer (awful attitude). I don't care how well she was at her job. She complain 90 percent of the time, and spent the other 10 percent being rude to coworkers. So if indeed Taylor is on a blacklist these are the reasons and not because of Rachel. Taylor was dumb enough to quit her job during a recession. She probably assumed job offers would be pouring in, now that reality has settled, blame it on Rachel.


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