Alexander McQueen Last Interview With Australia Harper Bazaar Magazine

McQueen on his Spring/Summer 2010 collection:
“I got the idea for them from H.R. Giger, and seeing Alien, and then I got a sculptor to make up a shoe so that it looked like it grew right out of the foot. Sick, ain’t I?
“The whole show was metamorphic. It was the reversal of one before that, which was Charles Darwin with the evolution of the species. This was the reverse: instead of Darwin’s theary that we come from the sea, we made it that we come from the land and go back into the sea.”
McQueen on his most recent boyfriend:
“A bastard who went back to Australia, and I was left looking at his name,” he grimaces, pointing to a name tattooed on his right arm. Which he then turns down when I try to read the moniker and keeps that way until the end of the meal.
McQueen on his work:
“I am married to work”, though id he wants to disparage someone he calls them a :stitch bitch”. Nor has he any interest in taking over another famed house such as Hermes or Chanel. “Been there, done that,” he remarks in reference to his stint at Givenchy which ended nearly a decade a ago. Click here for the original article in Australia Harper Bazaar .


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