Emerging New Designer Kate Spade Neice Whitney Pozgay Interview

How would you describe Whit? I think that I was looking a lot at how my friends dress differently, but we buy a lot of the same items. In general, I wanted to create something that people could personalize. They pieces are modern, edgy takes on feminine staples. I wanted to incorporate them with classical themes like polka dots and stripes. Also, I am always influenced by the twilight of the '60s and the dawn of the '70s. I’m always thinking of that girl.

How did your love of art inspire the collection? I was thinking of Henry Darger and the little girls in his paintings. It’s nice because I got to blend things that I’ve always liked with what was influencing me at the moment.

How does your background influence your aesthetic? I had a fantastic foundation at Kate Spade, and it’s so colorful, bright and graphic. It was such a good place to grow and build. Then I went from there to Steven Alan, which is a little bit more downtown, and I was able to indulge in my tomboy side. My own aesthetic tends to fall into the middle of the two. It’s also been great to collaborate with those I’ve worked with in the past. View Whitney's collection and read more.


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