Kelly Cutrone Assistant Pulled A Brad Stabs Kelly In The Back Trying To Pitch His Own Show

PR powerhouse Kelly Cutrone says that her goth-lite, Rick-Owens-wearing assistant Andrew Mukamal got too big for his britches after a short stint on television. "He cared more about being a TV personality than being my assistant," Cutrone told Page Six. "Just because you worked as an assistant in the fashion industry doesn't make you an expert." Since leaving Cutrone's company People's Revolution, Mukamal has pitched his own show to E!.

Give some a inch they want a mile. Fame is a monster not for everyone. I love Brad from Rachel Zoe's Project but I do feel like he stabbed Rachel in the back a little. Brad had only spent two seasons on Rachels's show he did not have any experience in the fashion industry but two or three years later he's a fashion guru?!?!? lol (not to mention Rachel did most of the high fashion picks while Brad  was all over the place). I hope 
next season Rachel will allow the show
 to revolve around her and her only.


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