The Red Cross Stole Millions Of Dollars From Haiti Beware When Donating To The Red Cross For Japan Relief Effort

After the earthquake in Haiti, the American Red Cross was the go-to nonprofit for donating to the Haitian relief effort, since they could be trusted to properly handle your money. Or so everyone thought.
It turns out that of the $255 million the Red Cross collected for the relief effort, only $20 million of it actually made its way to Haiti. That leaves $233 million of your donations unaccounted for. Please be aware when donating to the Red Cross for Japan relief efforts. Please research grassroots organizations who are actually doing things on the ground.  There are tons of small independent agencies that do much more than the larger ones.
Haiti is not the first time the Red Cross has exploioted. 
1) In 1989, the Red Cross raised $50 million for the victims of the San Francisco earthquake. But it’s estimated that only $10 million of it was turned over to the actual victims.
2) After September 11th, the Red Cross raised $543 million for the family members of people who died in the attacks. But they held back more than half of that money, which eventually led to the dismissal of their president.
3) In 2004, the Red Cross raised $3.21 billion to aid the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami. But they’re still holding onto $500 million of it.
4) And in 2005, the Red Cross raised $1.1 billion to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. But they kept $400 million of it to, quote, “prepare for future disasters.”

Please continue to donate your money and time. All I ask is that you take your time and research different charities before giving your money away!! I didn't list any charities in this post because I don't want anyone to feel I have ulterior motives.


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Thank you. Red Cross has been doing this for years.

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