Greedy Bank Of America Plans To Charge Customers $60 Per Year For Debit & Credit Card Purchases

Greedy ass Bank Of America has announced it would charge debit and credit card users a $5.00 monthly fee. Averaging $60.00 per year. The new fees will start January of 2012. Bank of America's debit and credit card fee marks just one of the many ways banks are sucking customers dry. In wake of the financial crisis (that the banks caused) which resulted in a regulatory overhaul. Banks now get far less money each time a shopper swipes a credit or debit card. Those fees generated $19 billion dollars per year for banks. So how do they fix the problem? By making you and I pay the difference.

These fees are out of control: airline baggage fees, ATM fees, paper statement fees, fees hidden in phone and cable bills, hotel internet fees, cell phone fees, and taxes on everything but air. I'm sure any minute a fee for breathing will be annouced. Forget Americans are struggling to put food on their table and clothes on their backs. America is in a recession and 14million Americans are unemployed, just goes to show how large corp don't give a dam about anyone but themselves. 

Although these fees will not affect me because I usually keep a $2,000 to $3,000 balance in my checking, I still plan to close my account. God forbid one day I'm unemployed or have to use those funds for an emergency. Then I would be on the chopping block also. How to avoid being raped by banks? Join a credit union.

  1. Credit unions' focus on serving consumers keeping fees low.
  2. Credit unions are non profit financial institutions they are owned and controlled by members. Consumers like you and I.
  3. Credit unions' has a nation wide system of 25,000 free ATMs making credit unions convenient for everyone.
  4. There are nearly ten million members in California and Nevada and more than 90 million nationwide.
  5. You can join a credit union based upon the community where you live, your employment, school, association, or place of worship.
  6. Becoming a credit union member is easier than joining a bank! To locate a credit union in your area, click here or call 1-800-919-2872.


Stacey said...

Thank you I had no idea. I will look into a credit union. My mom having been using cu for years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the contact info. I will be closing my account as soon as i can find a credit union near me.

Ajiah said...

Love this article. If I had an account with BOfA I would certainly close it. I still may leave my bank, sure it wont be long before they strike.

Sammie said...

I close my checking account today. I feel happy. You're right corp don't give a shit about us struggling americans. We made them rich and we can take it away.

Anonymous said...

Looks like people are going to pull a Netflix on Bank Of America. I agree by the year 2013 we will be paying a fee to breathe.

Erin said...

Good job richgirllowlife. I love how you get to the point. I left bank of america last year because I saw the writing on the wall. They charged $70 worth of fees in two months on my account and I was not aware. When I found out I close the account the next day. I work for the goverment so I use the credit union in the same building where I work.

Sam said...

I plan to close my account before January. I'm a college student and can not afford to bank with them. It's sad how greedy banks are these days. All the rewards programs have gone up in smoke.

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