Derek Lam Threatens To Sue Ivanka Trump Over Copied "Ayami" Wedge

Derek Lam Claims Ivanka Trump "Blatantly" Copied His Shoe Design
Derek Lam has sent a cease and desist letter to Ivanka Trump, who he claims “blatantly and intentionally copied” his Ayami wedge sandal. At issue is Trump's "Cadie" wedge sandal ($150), which Lam alleges is virtually identical to his "Ayami" wedge ($780). According to WWD, one of the shoe designers at Derek Lam was apparently shopping on and spotted the Trump shoe, then called up the the Derek Lam CEO:

“We have seen very similar copies before but we have never seen a shoe that perfectly copied,” said Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann, chief executive officer of Derek Lam. “It’s such an investment to make a shoe ... we had to protest this.”
Schlottman tells WWD that he hasn't yet seen the physical shoe in person -- he's ordered a pair -- but was convinced enough by the look of the shoe online to take action.


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