Tom Ford Says Yves Saint Laurent Was Evil To Him When He Worked For YSL

Tom Ford interviewed with the The Advocate Magazine. When asked about his experience working for YSL early in his career, Ford said some of his best collections were there. He than said there was a flipside "Yves Saint Laurent was such a negative experience for me even though the business boomed. Yves and his partner, Pierre BergĂ©, made my life such misery. I went to college in France. It wasn’t until I started working in France that I began to dislike it. They would call the fiscal police, and they would show up at our offices. They’re like Nazis, those police. They’d come marching in, and you had to let them in and they’d interview my secretary. I’ve never talked about this on the record before, but it was an awful time for me. Pierre and Yves were just evil. So Yves Saint Laurent doesn’t exist for me." -The Advocate


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