Zac Posen To Launch Z Spoke A Lower Price Fashion Line At Saks

We did these white shirts, and bootleg denim,” Posen tells WWD, holding up a navy T-shirt. “Opening price point at $88.” Zac has always wanted to do a line that would be Zac Posen but maybe talk to a different girl,” says Ron Frasch, Saks Inc.’s president and chief merchandising officer. “Over the course of the past year, we got together with Zac and Susan [Posen, company chairman and Zac’s mother] and began having conversations around how the world has changed and what some of the needs are that we had as a retailer. The moment was opportune.” 
 Z Spoke comes at a time when the market has shifted and many of Posen’s fellow designers have launched lower-priced collections. Posen stresses that Z Spoke is not a celebrity brand, but one more attuned to the street. That said, he’s not looking to add tons of tough T-shirts and distressed jeans. “There’s a lot of that on the market,” says Posen. So expect chic affordable dresses as well. -WWD


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