Olivia Palermo May Be Forced To Chose Between Her Boyfriend Or Reality Show


Heat magazine is reporting that Olivia Palermo is caught in her struggle between fame and love.
Show insiders are desperate for Johannes to appear on screen as they are running out of storylines of Olivia. Now she's worried she'll be dropped from the series unless Johannes features, but he has refused, making her choose between fame or love.
Palermo's plotlines on the show have stagnated on her character being a cold fish who refuses to fulfill basic job requirements. None of her personal life is featured in the show and there's hardly even interaction between Parlermo and her co-stars.
"They've discussed the possibility of Johannes being in the show, but he doesn't want to," the source told Heat. "Olivia loves the attention The City brings her. It's going to be a tough decision for her, and she's mad at him for making her choose. "She's always been very adamant about keeping her boyfriend out of the show, but it's getting to the point where he may need to join. 


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