Brian Atwood To Create A Cost Friendly Contemporary Shoe Collection

Brian Atwood  announced Monday that he has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Jones Apparel Group, Inc.  Atwood will collaborate with Jones to create, produce, market and distribute Brian Atwood, a new footwear and accessory line that will be the contemporary counterpart to Brian Atwood's high-end, luxury shoe business.  
Brian Atwood will be marketed and sold in department stores and specialty retailers. The initial launch is planned to commence in fall 2011, followed by the launches of B Brian Atwood handbags and jewelry slated for 2012.  Footwear under the B Brian Atwood brand will retail for $200 to $300 for core items and up to $600 for boots. The initial term of the agreement is for five years, with a provision for further renewal.  


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