Barbra Streisand's California Home

The Rose Garden
The Lavender Bedroom
Aerial view
The Barn
The Family Room
Barbra Streisand's antique shops
Barbra says she's always loved barns. "They feel so American to me," she says. And, Barbra believes if you have a barn, you have to have chickens. Her hens lay green eggs.

From the moment she first saw the house, Barbra knew she wanted it and had to wait 11 years to buy it. Barbra says her home, which is located on California's coast, is an homage to craftsmanship (think: woodwork and old beams), great architects and furniture designers like Greene and Greene, Stickley and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. She chronicles this labor of love in her first book, My Passion for Design.


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