Gap's President Marka Hansen Has Been Fired Over A Laundry List Of PR Mishaps

Last Monday January 31, 2011 Gap announced that Marka Hansen would be leaving the company (terminated). February 4, 2011 was her last day with the company. Gap has been dealing with a laundry list of public relation issues last year and presently. Read the mounting issues below. 
Gap employs children in Indian sweatshops.
The children were hired by an unauthorized subcontractor used by one of the company’s Indian vendors to fill orders. Gap also dealt with similar allegations in 2000 and 2006.
The company’s new logo is a design abomination. (Surprised she survived this.)
Gap redesigned their iconic logo, and the resulting design looked like it was made on Microsoft Word but later return to it's original.
Gap’s FEED America bags were made in China.
Though promotional material claimed the Lauren Bush-designed bags were made in the U.S., tags on the inside of two of the five designs stated they were made in China.
A stolen Flickr image was used on a babyGap onesie. (LOL)
In a story that broke yesterday, it appears as though Gap printed a stylized version of a Flickr photo (taken by Chris Devers, who is in no way affiliated with the company) on one of its onesies.


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