Tom Ford Senior Citizen Ad The Reason French Vogue Editor In Chief Got Fired

 Tom Ford's senior citizen spread for French Vogue's December issue, is said to have been the straw that broke the camel's back between Rotifeld and the higher ups at French Vogue. 

 Roitfeld last month told a source that her bosses received complaints from advertisers over the Ford issue. “I was killed for that,” Roitfeld said. According to several close to the matter, Roitfeld offered to resign when the issue of her management came under question (she was frequently out of the office on shoots). She could have been bluffing, but her resignation was accepted.

Word to the wise, never offer up your resignation, no matter what! Management can be ruthless and take you up on your offer. Not only will you be jobless but not able to collect unemployment benefits. This is ok for Rotifeld because she's a season pro who will snag another gig in no time but for small time punks like us, do not try this at home lol.


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