Anna Wintour Calls Italy's Prime Minister A Dictator Urges Italians To Rebel

In an interview published last Saturday in Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, Anna Wintour called the Italian prime minister a dictator and urges the world of fashion to rebel against him during fashion week (side-eye). How about focus on the U.S.

According to Wintour, Italys reputation for great design and manufacture is being damaged by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's reputation, US Vogue editor Anna Wintour says.
"On one side, there is the Made in Italy, the designers, the great creations that credit you around the world and that have no equal. On the other side, there is a political reality that is so compromised. How can you tolerate all this?" Wintour said to an Italian newspaper on Saturday, as she visited the country for Milan Fashion Week.
"I am disgusted. I have no other words," she told La Repubblica. "I am disgusted and embarrassed: How can Italy tolerate Silvio Berlusconi and his bevy of girls?" Don't worry I'm lost also lol. Wth?


Fashion Can said...

LOL! Rich Girl I love you. I was so happy to see i wasn't the only one puzzled. I have honestly been trying to figure this story out since Saturday.

Erica said...

Rotfl confusing wow. She should really stick to fashion.

Anonymous said...

Talk about being lost in translation.

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