Vogue And Major Retailers Plans To End Fashion Night Out

According to staff at Vogue magazine, Fashion Night Out is done. Large retailers such as Barneys NYC, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and shockingly even Macy's complained it's to much work and not enough money. 

According to a insider who was present for the FNO meeting. 85% of the retailers reported they saw no changes in sales but instead lost revenue on entertainment and employee overtime. Most retailers were expecting (partygoers to shop) to earn the money they put into the event back, with interest. Partygoers instead partied, ate, and drank leaving retailers with the tab. 

If FNO happens next year don't expect Vogue, designer boutiques, or the larger department stores to be involved. They refuse to wine and dine for free. There are some retailers who plan to continue FNO but on a smaller scale.


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