Elton John Staged A Intervention For Donatella Versace During Her Daughter Birthday Party Book Reveals

An 18th birthday party for Donatella Versace's daughter Allegra was used as a ruse for Elton John (l.) to lead an intervention that sent the cocaine-addled designer to rehab, a new book says.

"House of Versace," a book by Deborah Ball, details the June 30, 2004, soiree where Donatella was confronted about the drug use that threatened her life and her multi-million dollar company.

The "party" started with Versace slipping into a bathroom at her Milan mansion to snort a line of coke - just before Elton John's surprise arrival, the book reveals.

The showdown was timed to coincide with Allegra Versace's birthday, and the teen joined Elton John in confronting her mother. The plan worked. The drug-addicted designer climbed aboard a private plane that night and flew to The Meadows, a rehabilitation facility in Wickenberg, Ariz.

The 343-page book says that Donatella's appetite for cocaine left her paranoid, semi-coherent and erratic. Her wild mood swings frightened her two children. Donatella has admitted to past drug use but stated she had defeated her addiction. House Of Versace debuts in bookstores today.


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