The Three Wise Women

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Halston
Rosie Huntington Whiteley Halston
                        Rosie at Mo‘t & Chandon Etoile Awards wearing Halston.

Kelis valentino
            Kelis at Valentino in London wearing Valentino and Pam Hogg above.

Olivia Palermo Tibi
Olivia Palermo Tibi
                                   Olive Palermo at Jaeger in London wearing Tibi.

I'm rarely impressed with celebrity fashion but these three women never fail to fulfill, when I'm in search for some fashion inspiration. Kelis Rodgers, Olivia Palermo, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are trail blazers!! Kelis (human art) and Olivia have their own signature styles never fazed by trends or saftey. While Rosie is sultry, sometimes trendy, but her delivery is always well executed.


shay said...

I agree!! Whitney ois always wellput together. Kelis has been making her own trends before gaga, riri and everyone else. Olivia is a power house too.

Anonymous said...

I've been following Kelis for years. SWAG! I'm going to have to research Olivia though but from what I saw on "The City" she was always best dressed. I think she would make a good fashion editor.

ThefashionLife said...

Olivia slays. kelis losesme sometime but she does always set her own trends. I'm really starting to appreciate her because everyone looks a like these days.

Can Fashion said...

I love Kelis she is fashion fantasy. Olivia is so classy. I've never heard of Rosie before.

Holly said...

WOW! I love the title. Kelis and Olivia are always original but I agree Rosie fashion is always well put together. You said everything perfectly.

Olivia Fan said...

Olivia make fashion look so easy. Fashion is her gift for sure. I drool every time I see Olivia.

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