Bobbi Brown Interview Founder Of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown, 52, became a professional makeup artist 28 years ago. In 1991 she launched her eponymous line of cosmetics, which is now sold in more than 900 stores worldwide, and she continues to create make-up for fashion shows, magazine shoots and celebrities. In 1995 Estée Lauder bought her company, but she continues as its chief executive. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband of 21 years, Steven Plofker, and their three sons, Dylan, 19, Dakota, 17, and Duke, 11

Mornings I go downstairs and make myself an espresso cappuccino first thing, then I read the New York Post. Then I do some sort of exercise for half an hour. I’ll go to a spinning class – there is a studio across the street – or do some weights with atrainer, or hop on my treadmill. In between those things, there is a child or two who has to be woken up. Sometimes multiple times.

Beauty Regime I like to keep my daily beauty routine very simple. I always start with aneye cream and a moisturiser that contains an SPF, followed by under-eye concealer. I use a foundation stick on any areas that are red or need extra coverage. I swipe a pinkblush across my cheeks, layer on a coat or two of mascara, and finish with a clear orneutral lip gloss. But people are always surprised when I tell them I often go out without any make-up on at all. Every woman should. 

Most Dislike About My Appearance My height. I’m 5ft. I never realised I was short until I moved to New York and became part of the fashion industry. I would like to be taller, but I deal with it. And I feel good knowing that I am the same height as Scarlett Johansson.

Uncomfortable Shoes My height has allowed me to wear some of the most fab shoes. I saw these Te Casan shoes on a television presenter here, and I ran out to buy them. They are quite uncomfortable. You think pointy shoes are bad? The squared-off toe is much worse. But they are beautiful and they became the inspiration for our Christmas collection this year, which is called Chrome. It’s silver with a little purple in it.

Career Path I did a degree in theatrical make-up in Boston and then moved to New York in 1979, where I fell in love with fashion. For the next decade I started doing the make-up for magazines and catwalk shows, but I wasn’t happy with the makeup that was out there. Most lipsticks looked like my mother’s. I hated the way they smelled and couldn’t find anything natural-looking. So I took my own hand-mixed shades to a chemist, and in 1990 Bobbi Brown Essentials, a line of 10 brown-based lip colours, was born.

My Schedule When I’m at my New York office it’s usually back-to-back meetings with different departments – product development, marketing, PR, creative. Things are a little more relaxed when I’m in the Montclair studio. It’s a very inspirational space and I doa lot of my creative thinking and development there.

In my Fridge Bottled water, mustard, Greek yogurt, ground flax, health elixirs: flax oil and omega oils. And a bottle of Chopin vodka in the freezer. I eat a really clean diet. My favourite meal would be steamed kale with quinoa and some kind of steamed fish, with a bit of avocado sauce. Very simple.

Uniform A Uniqlo navy blazer and jeans. People always say, ‘Oh Bobbi always wears black.’ No, Bobbi wears navy. I wear a uniform of simple classics. I just bought my very first Chanel jacket. It’s navy with red piping, it’s short, collarless with gold buttons. What amazed me most was the tailor who came in and sculpted the jacket to my body.

Favourite Fragrance I wear one that’s not out till the end of the year, called Bobbi’s Party. It was inspired by my Aunt Alice, who I am really close to – she is my favourite aunt. She is the wisest, most comfortable-in-her-ownshoes person that I have ever met. Thinking about her makes me happy. 



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