Miuccia Prada Is Profiled In The September Issue Of W Magazine

The legendary designer sat down for a rare interview with W magazine for the September issue. Highlights:

She is not bothered that models fell down in her spring 2009 show.

“I liked it,” she said, smiling, careless of her teen models’ obvious anxiety. “It made the show more interesting.”

The economic downturn has prompted her to focus on designing perfect basics.

“When you say ‘commercial,’ it shouldn’t be an insult, like something is not beautiful,” she continues. “It has to be best in the sense that [it’s] really what people want to wear to look beautiful and elegant [in]. I wouldn’t have been thinking of all this stuff if there was not a crisis. The crisis obliges [us] to really focus also on what really makes sense.”

She dresses for big occasions at the very last minute. The bigger the occasion, the longer she waits to select her outfit.

“It’s important that you feel right, so I use an instinct at the last moment. What I think is unbearable is to wear something that we don’t feel comfortable in. It’s completely, totally psychological. One dress you felt so happy in for that day and that occasion, you put it on in another moment and all the magic is completely disappeared. There is a very tricky [relationship] between the occasion and your mind at that moment.”

Now that her sons are 19 and 20 years old, she has begun to care about how clothes fit them and other men.

“Men’s jackets have the most boring stuff, a little bit more short, a little bit more big, a little bit more small. You develop a perfect eye, but it’s really boring. It becomes when you are really involved that you really care. Basically, I found out for my kids. Otherwise when I do the fashion shows myself, I’m more interested in the idea than actually if something fits or not fits. I never care. I care most if I like the idea.”

Her sons were disappointed in her when she didn't vote in the last election.

“Of course, because I always taught them principles and the idea of [the importance of] politics, if they see in myself a false step, they become … . I know it was wrong. I should have gone.

Critics matter.

“I don’t believe that anyone is not bothered by critics. I think that everybody cares. - W Magazine


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