Chris March From Project Runway Is Suing Thierry Mugler For Not Paying Him For Work He Did On Beyoncé's Costumes

Project Runway alum Chris March is suing Thierry Mugler for allegedly not paying him for work he did on Beyoncé's costumes for her current I AM tour. That sentence was a lot to take in: Chris March, Beyoncé, Thierry Mugler, a lawsuit. And we had no idea Chris even worked on costumes for Beyoncé — and her band and her backup dancers — until the suit surfaced. Reached by phone this afternoon, Chris explained he's worked with Thierry for almost seven years on various projects, including Cirque du Soleil costumes. Beyoncé hired Mugler to create her tour costumes in November, and Chris met with Mugler about the project in late December. In January he started work.

Mugler designed the costumes but hired Chris to help him actually make them. Mugler's expertise lies primarily in design, but March's lies primarily in execution. "He isn’t used to having things made in the U.S., so he hired me to be the head of costume," March explained. "Thierry doesn’t have a theatrical background so I was hired to make sure the costumes were usable for stage purposes." For example, March had to figure out how to attach a harness to the costume Beyoncé wears when she flies through the air. He also had to make sure her costumes would keep her lovely lady lumps in place. "So many things need to be taken into consideration with her because she dances so" — he paused to find the right word — "wildly," he chuckled. "So she gets onstage and she’s like, 'I gotta move and I gotta dance.' And wow." -The Cut


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