Manolo Blahnik Talks About The Fashion Oops That Almost Ended His Career

Manolo Blahnik thought his career was over when his shoes were first featured in a runway show.

The legendary footwear designer was devastated when Ossie Clark decided to use his creations in 1972 as he didn't think the shoes were made well enough.

He explained: "Ossie was the first person to use my shoes on his catwalk, back in 1972 at The Royal Court Theatre in London. Quite frankly, I thought it was going to end my career. The shoes I made for the show had a sole made of rubber and the heels didn't have any spines, so they kept moving. The models were walking in a very strange way, but, luckily, people thought it was the new way of walking. That was a scary moment!"- FemaleFirst


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