Alexander McQueen Talks To T Magazine About Dating A Porn Star & Isabella Blow

McQueen tells Cathy Horn, Recently he began seeing a porn star, whom he met online. ‘‘It’s great!’’ he cackles. He told Cathy Horn the man’s name but asked that she identify him only by his porn name de famille, Mr. Stag. 
McQueen also dicuss Isabella Blow, a stylist and editor, and a member of the Delves Broughton family, who gave an early boost to McQueen’s career by wearing his clothes and talking him up. Two portraits of her hanging in McQueen’s living room.
‘‘It was the most valuable thing I learned in fashion, her death,’’ McQueen says. He acknowledges that some people think he did not do enough to help Blow — ‘‘You’ve got to let someone like that be herself’’ — and he says there are things that he and others did that he will never discuss. He calls Detmar Blow, her husband, ‘‘the bane of her life,’’ adding, ‘‘Isabella was so strong in her public image but couldn’t stand her ground in her personal life. I know the other side. She would say that fashion killed her, but she also allowed that to happen in a lot of ways. -T Magazine


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