Oliva Palermo's 10 Fashion Decorum

1. In every outfit, I always try and incorporate a single trend, but in a subtle way.

    2. I would describe my style as modern, but classic.

    3. I always like to wear one very structured piece, like a great jacket or a skirt.

    4. For next season I like the look of all the embellished clothes, and those copper-toned metallics, although not everyone can pull that off…

    5. You don’t always have to stay high end – I like mixing and matching.

    6. My favourite item of clothing right now is a Topshop white cardigan with a pale blue pinstripe; it’s so easy to wear.

    7. My favourite accessory is my Chloe ‘Gemma’ bag, which I bought in London in July. I have it in army green. That’s such a great colour because it works for summer or winter.

    8. My favourite jewellery? I like chunky! I like to wear one big statement piece, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace. But I mostly like big rings [she flashes an enormous gold cocktail ring – Olivia has just started working as Contributing Accessories Editor at an American Magazine].

    9. I like to wear a heel, I just got some chunky black platforms that you’ll see in the Unique show..

    10. One great piece can take you through an entire season. Like, recently, I bought these Sergio Rossi silver brogues. I bought them in Berlin, they’re absolutely my favourite thing right now! -Garzia


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