Diane von Furstenberg Talks To Harper Bazaar About Having Cancer And A Time When People Thought She Was A Has Been

Bazaar: In 1989 you moved back to New York. Did you lose yourself? 
DVF: Yes a bit. So when I came back to New York, I saw I had lost that identity I had, from the minute I first arrived. I just felt completely irrelevant and people look at me as a has- been. I tried to get my business back it was in the hands of people who did not care, it had lost its spirit, it was horrible. It was really hard and really bad. As a result I got cancer in my tongue, I think it was because I was unable to express myself.
Bazaar: How did you find out you had cancer?
DVF: I had lunch with Ralph Lauren, because Barry (her husband) brought QVC and we were trying to get Ralph. I did not really know Ralph Lauren that well, back then. We started to speak and he became very open to me. He told me he had a brain tumor not malignant." I asked how did you find out about it?" And Ralph said I had a noise in my ear and I went to the doctor. The minute he tells me that, I think funny, I been having noises in my ear. So I went to the doctor. He notice a swollen gland and took a biopsy. It was a tumor, they took it out and I had radiation for 8 weeks, that was 15 years ago. -Harper Bazaar 


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