Minx Nails My Addiction

MINX Nails are definitely one of the hottest trends in the nail industry right now. I've worn MINX to many social events and believe me , they are real conversation starters. I was introduce to MINX Nails in 2008 at Bella Mia Spa and fell in love. Once you wear MINX it is difficult to convert back to polish. 
The MINX Manicure cost $40.00 for a set, the treatment usually last me for five days, and yes I go back for another set. My aunt has
 put me on notice that I may only have three treatments 
per month. My addiction to MINX is so bad that, if
 I cant wear MINX I will not wear anything on my nails at all. 
Visit www.minxnails.com for saloons and spas.


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