Tim Quinn Interview He Is The Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Designer & National Director

MW: What were some of your first big breaks in the beauty industry?

TQ: It wasn’t until I was graduated college (Albertus Magnus College- BA in Economics) and moved to Florida to work with Merrill Lynch. South Beach was in its full swing – the whole clubs/models/Versace in South Beach scene was fully of allure. I knew it was time for a change and I went to Milan – that is when I discovered my passion for makeup. I was fortunate to be offered a position with Borghese and spent several years honing my skills and knowledge throughout the US, Europe and Asia. My world totally changed when I was recruited for a position with Helena Rubinstein – it wasn’t for me, but the General Manager of Giorgio Armani ParfumsSerge Jureidini, was looking for someone to launch the brand in the US in August 2001. He promised to ‘make me a star’ – I signed on and never looked back. He is now the President of Lancome USA and a dear friend.

MW: Which other makeup artists inspired you at the time?

TQ: Pat McGrath, Kevin Aucoin, and Debi Mazar. Debi used to be makeup artist for Madonna at the time. I ended up working with Debi and Pat so it’s an odd world that keeps going in circles.

MW: What is your philosophy about makeup & beauty?

TQ: For me beauty is all about what makes us shine – I’ve learned from Mr. Armani that “elegance isn’t about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” I apply this philosophy to my work. I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the most amazing women in the world – not only in the celebrity arena but also as I continue to learn and grow as I encounter women of all ages and life paths.

MW: What have been some of your most memorable celebrity collaborations so far, and which celebrity you would like to do makeup for in the future?

TQ: I often go blank when the celebrity questions come up – I have vivid memories of my first meetings with Debra MessingGlenn CloseFarrah Fawcett (an amazing spirit- gorgeous inside and out, and taken from us way too early) Kerry WashingtonAndrea Mitchell (who has been an amazing friend – helping me when I was diagnosed with Cancer two years ago). As for the future – the Emmy’s are soon and I’ve sent ‘faces’ out to many of the nominee’s. True Blood is my favorite show, so I’d love to work with Anna Paquin. -Talking Makeup


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